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Has your drummer broken his finger nail? Your bass player double booked
with his other band and left you in the lurch?
Relax! See if anyone below is available to dep for you...

If you want to add your own details as a dep,
and you are local to Somerset,
please send us your details by clicking here...
I want to dep too!

Ben Cowdery
Keyboard player (currently with Funky-Dory)
available to dep at short notice. Experienced gigger,
can cover most styles...basic but reliable keyboards,
can pick up songs really fast...and a good sense of humour!
call me for a no-obligation chat! 0799 05 05 898


David V Miles
Guitarist...jazz funk blues soul r'n'b [in the traditional meaning!]...great collection of authentic instruments for every genre....vastly experienced....07940 435191


Lead guitarist / lead vocalist will dep if available. Wide experience good gear, own pa mikes, lights, transport. Contact rick@vodafone.netor 0188432406 or 07717792316

Gary French
ocals, rhythm guitar
Mature, experienced, great voice, big repertoire
...Covers/ Blues /60s / Harmony/ whatever
Working solo at moment,last minute gigs a speciality
Tel: 01823 698626

Nick Girone-Maddocks
Gear: Fender '72 Custom re-issue Telecaster
Fender Telecaster
Fender Telecaster (set up for bottleneck)
Seagull Acoustic (with xlr pick up)
Tech 21 Trademark 60 Amp
SM58 and all the bits etc etc
Tel: 01823 669298 07966 141460

Mark Barnwell
Subject 2 Change / Solo - Electric and Acoustic guitar
01823 680646 / 07970-052329
Hi-energy rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, Soul, Flamenco
Daniel Shaw
Solo and 'little hill'. Electro Acoustic and electric guitar,
mandolin, bouzouki and bass, vocals. 01823 327814. Folk, rock, blues,jazz,
alternative -whatever


Tom Toomey
Guitarist ,Blues ,Rock,etc... 30yrs experience.
01935-474359....07979912975 m

Doug Siddons
Great site, Iam a 42 year old guitarist wanting some dep work,
I play nearly all styles from folk and jazz to rock and blues, acoustic or electric
but don't expect me to wear a tie! call 01749 841377, DandSCroft@aol.com


Rob Iles
have been playing for many years in a wide range of music: blues, jazz. MOR, country, pit bands for shows and cabaret etc. I am looking for dep work for civilized gigs at reasonable venues for acceptable money. I can read or busk, learn quickly, I have decent gear too and always turn up! What part of that don't you want? Telephone 01297 21181 email robertiles@hotmail.com

Ian Laidler

I am a bass guitar player, current band away so can dep over Christmas and New Year, shows, holiday parks etc, good reader, pro musician.

Tony Turner
Mature bass player for dep work 01684 298576, email;
Eileen Bermingham

Greg Mudd
Five string bass & electric upright bass player. Session & Dep / Freelance work only. Fully insured for public performance & a member of the Musicians Union. All styles - Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Soul etc etc. Will travel anywhere in the South of England.
Please tel: 07947 191 323 or email

Dave Setchfield
Bass and vocals. Over 700 gigs experience, pro gear, transport. Know thousands of songs. www.davesetchfield.com Tel: 07866875935

Tony Sanchez
I play the bass and sing (lead and/or harmonies).
Ex-pro, I have extensive stage and studio experience and can play covers from the 60s to date.
On the bass I can play most anything. Vocally I have my limitations (who hasn't ?), but I can sing The Beatles (from The long and winding road to Helter skelter and everything else in between), Cream, Joe Cocker, Wilson Pickett, Johnny Winter and a quite a few more, including more recent stuff such as Queens of the stone age or Green day...

My gear: 1 Fender Jazz bass + 1 Fender Precision active + 1 Ampeg SVT 5 PRO (rackmounted with a Korg 1000 tuner) and 2 cabs: 1 Ampeg Classic 1x15"+horn and 1 Ashdown ABM 2x10"+horn. I also have own transportation - I currently reside in Poole, Dorset, but am willing to travel.

I am 51 (and probably look more), but play and sing with the enthusiasm and energy of a 20 year old :-)
You can look me up at: http://www.myspace.com/tony_sandun
My number is: 0798 0409 233

David V Miles
Bass Guitar/Double Bass.. .experienced in almost every style known to man and woman..read and play anything...equipped from tiny combo for clubs to Concert/Festival stage rig...utterly reliable and professional ....07940 435191
Graham McKay-Smith

Bass player
, all styles, some vocals, also avail for guitar deps if needed

Gerry Dawson
Four & Five String Bass Guitar/Some Backing Vocals
Current Bands Soul Solution, Tush.
Soul, Funk, Classic Rock, 60's & 70's Pop, Blues, Music & Tab Reader,
Member of the Musicians Union. Wide Depping Experience
(From Dance Bands to Tribute Bands).
01823 253807 / 07771 933921 or E-Mail Gerry@soul-solution.co.uk or gerarddawson@btinternet.com


Bob Jarvis
Armada Jazz Band; fretless bass guitar; 01392 677842;
jazz, 60s/70s pop, blues, ceilidh/folk, country, classic rock,
+ harmony vocals a possibility
+44 (0) 1392 677842

Richard Smith - Bass Player
5 string bass player, Played in many local bands and theatre shows.
Played professionally, but stopped to seek regular paid work.
Can play all styles with backing vocals if needed,
Specialise in Soul, Funk and Disco.
I have all my own gear with transportation. lots of live playing experience!
contact me on either 07881 588409 or 01823 350805

William Tottle. Jaydee bass guitar with Ashdown amp. Would like to
jam with other musicians. Can travel within reason. All sorts of
influences but open minded. Telephone 01278 671455 evenings or 07802 362534
mobile or e-mail Gillsoles@hotmail.com

Matthew Vercoe
Pro drummer. Playing for 15 years. Willing to travel.
Own gear and transport. Taunton area. Tel. 01823 430494 mob 07960 040275

David LeFeuvre

Currently gigging with The Cutouts, playing original funk rock, but have
been known to play everything from Bossa Nova to Breakbeat. Also teach in
the Yeovil Area. Can read or play by ear.
Contact me on
07734 817584
01935 824047
or email

Don Davis
Ex London Pro Drummer, read, busk all styles. West End Shows,
Cruises, Tours Radio and TV sessions. etc.
Moved here 1994 teacher at Bridgwater college. donsmill@btconnect.com

James Alford Drummer, played in Jason Baxsters Little big band, Schmugg Rock, Quasar,
Winnows Bane and Midnight America and many more!!!!
Tel 01884 841784, or 07880541269

Dave Binding, Drummer, Mature, able to read /busk and to play most Rhythms,Smooth Jazz / Trad Jazz, Blues,Modern Pop, steady but versatile, performed on Tv/ Radio playing at the moment and rehearsing with local Big Band, and small groups. Willing to travel, fees to be negotiated, use either Yamaha full acoustic kit, or Yamaha DTX electronic kit. Telephone. 01278 653481 or 07860 211444. debroy.binding@yahoo.com.

David Wright Tenor Sax
Any style, from the dots, or busked

Andy Williams Trumpet
Jason Baxter Little-big band
Deane big-band
Ex -Soujouko (Jazz-funk-rock)
EX- Area 52 (Popular covers, Disco, soul etc)
Tel 07890 409005, 01278 662477
Contact Andy at Entertaining Somerset

Simon White Trumpet
By ear/dots
07831 791032


Bob Corrick, Saxophone and Trombone
Band... Area 52 (Popular covers, disco, soul etc)

Dan McGinn, Semi professional trumpet player
toured most of Europe solo and ensemble. Like jazz soul
can do any other style of music have own transport anywhere in southwest
maybe further afield price negotiable depending on length and location of gig

Emma Hill Was female singer with recently de-funked Funkenstein, currently looking for any opportunities as i miss my singing and doesnt seem to be much about.  Will dep any style thought think i would struggle with metal! Age 30. Based near Bridgwater but will travel.

Gerry Waugh

Currently a soul vocalist who also runs a karaoke, I have a raspy vocal (Joe Cocker/Paul Rodgers/David Coverdale) best suited to soul, classic hard rock or blues, but have a very versatile vocal range and can also sing anything from Donny to the Darkness (at a recent karaoke I sang Try A Little Tenderness, Puppy Love and I Believe In A Thing Called Love in the same night just to prove the point!). Based in Tiverton
Big Norm
Lead guitarist with Goliath.
Ex pro, I have over 20 years experience playing live mainly rock
but can play mosts styles inc Soul, Funk, Classic Rock, 60's & 70's Pop, Blues.
I have ability to busk ( you hum it I'll play it!! ) Some Backing Vocals
...I Can also dep on bass.
Dep jobs I've done include Guesswork
(standing in for both the Bassist and the guitarist)
and Stuff Stan Likes (on Bass).
Willing to travel
If you want to be added to this Dep section and you perform in the Somerset area,
click this link and mail us your details...
I want to dep too!
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Shuttern, Taunton, tel 01823 256982


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