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Rehearsal studios
Wellington - How To Easily Play And Sound Just Like Your Musical Heroes
Where's the Gig - Free online service for band members to keep track of gig details
Pubs & Bands - Post your upcoming gigs.
Band Guru - Music business consultant
Touring - Get out of town! - Practical advice on how to prepare for and complete a successful tour.
Booking Yourself - It offers advice for dealing with club owners.
Tips: Steps for Success - A 25-year veteran of the music industry shares some tips on getting the attention of the major labels.
A&R Insider: Record Producer Michael Lloyd - The record producer with over 100 gold and platinum records to his credit shares some of his advice on how to break into the record industry.
The Show Must Go On - How to put on a great show that will keep the audience screaming for more.
No Money and Gigs to Do - Some advice on spending your money wisely by choosing the essential pieces of gear and how a little ingenuity can go a long way towards improving your band's image.
The Art of Finding Band Members - Tips to help you find the perfect musicians to complete your line up
The Art of Keeping Band Members - Once you've formed a band, here is how you can make sure you stay together. - A site devoted to helping you prevent and solve band problems. Interesting stories welcome.
Gig checklist - This was grabbed off of a newsgroup a while back. It has some useful information that might help your gig run smoothly.
Here is a series of articles courtesy of Dick Hodgin, who has produced and/or managed Flat Duo Jets, The Accelerators, Cravin' Melon, Corrosion of Conformity, Hootie and the Blowfish, Faith Collapsing, Confessor, Far Too Jones and Johnny Quest.

Tips on Booking Yourself
Making a Demo Tape
Tips on Making Press Kits
Tips on Promoting Your Gigs
What do Managers Do?
Getting Screwed
What are Tax ID's?

Self Hypnosis for Musicians
Music search

Jazz CD's online
Ted turner Music
South West Gig Guide
Looking for a band member?
Looking for a band?
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Muso's Link-up

Band Portal South West



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